Mental & Behavioral Health Aftercare Treatment Program for Children & Adolescents in Montana

At Acadia Montana we want to guarantee that children and adolescents with mental and behavioral health disorders have the potential for lasting success by providing a thorough discharge and continuing care plan.

Continuing Care

Our extensive experience treating children and adolescents with mental and behavioral health disorders has shown that the potential for lasting success is increased when each resident is provided with a thorough discharge and continuing care plan. Therefore, we emphasize effective discharge planning at every stage of treatment.

We recognize that each of our residents is a unique individual, and so we provide each resident with a treatment plan that is specially tailored to his or her needs, strengths, and treatment goals. One element that is common to all treatment programs, however, is a thorough and well thought-out plan for discharge.

While we celebrate the progress that our adolescents and teens make in treatment, we know that their growth journeys do not end when they leave our treatment center. Instead, we know that a stay with us is only the beginning. As a result, we begin discharge planning starting from a resident’s first day with us.

We value a child’s entire support network, so discharge planning is done as a cooperative effort between the treatment team, the resident, his or her parents or guardians, and the young person’s community case manager and/or probation officer, if applicable. We also gather information about each young person’s current therapy and medication providers so that we can coordinate with them during the resident’s stay and facilitate a successful transition back into their care after discharge.

Discharge Policies

While we understand that in rare cases parents or guardians might wish to have their child discharged against medical advice (AMA), we require written notice five business days in advance if they choose do so. In order to keep the child safe, and to remain in compliance with state laws, we may file a petition with the court for emergency involuntary commitment if the Medical Director believes that they child would be at serious risk to hurt him- or herself or someone else at the time of discharge. However, these situations are exceedingly rare, and the vast majority of our discharges are exciting opportunities to allow residents to exercise the skills they have developed in treatment.

We are passionate about providing effective care to every resident from intake through discharge. If you feel your child may benefit from our individualized treatment program, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. With our help, it is possible for your child to learn to manage the symptoms of his or her mental illness and pursue a healthy, successful, and satisfying future.

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