Our Staff

Located on 60 acres in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Acadia Montana is a 105-bed Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility that serves children and adolescents from 5 to 18 years old who have psychiatric, behavioral, emotional, and co-occurring disorders.

Acadia Montana has been providing excellence in residential treatment for over ten years. Each member of our team of behavioral medicine specialists has been chosen not only on the basis of their impressive credentials; but also because of their high level of compassion and dedication to children. Our Psychiatrists are Board Certified, and our Primary Therapists are Master’s prepared. Young individuals coming to Acadia Montana will find that they are treated with dignity, respect and kindness by a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping them regain health, balance, and hope.

Acadia Montana utilizes a “Primary Therapy” model. Each patient is assigned a Primary Therapist, Psychiatrist Practitioner, Nurse, Teacher, Recreational Therapist, and Mental Health Technicians. Having a “Primary” team for each patient means that each patient has a consistent and knowledgeable treatment team working for them and their family.

Acadia Montana patients also benefit from the services of our Patient Care Coordinator who facilitates admissions and discharges from the facility; and our Resident Advocate who helps to assure that any issues or concerns that might come up during a patient’s stay are addressed in a prompt and effective manner. Acadia Montana employs a Registered Dietician who consults with our Medical Staff on the specific nutritional needs of our residents; and a Registered Pharmacist who provides pharmacological services

At Acadia Montana, people make the difference – studies show that there is relatively little difference between different types of therapies, it is the meaningful and trusting relationships built between patient and therapy staff that allow treatment to work.

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