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Learn more about Montana’s local drug and alcohol support groups.

Montana NAMI Support Group

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides various resources for all counties throughout Montana, specifically through depression support groups, family support groups, and mental health support groups. To learn more about the different resources that NAMI offers in Montana, click the following link:

NAMI Resources and Support

The Value of Alateen

For decades, Al-anon has been highly regarded as the leading nationwide support group for those adults who have been negatively impacted by a loved one’s drinking. This program has helped millions of people overcome the many challenges that have developed within their lives in response to their “qualifier.” Thankfully, adults are not the only individuals able to partake in this type of programming, as young people who are also in this same position can find comfort, encouragement, and support through Alateen.

Alateen is dedicated to supporting young people whose lives have been affected by another individual’s drinking. Even if the alcoholic is no longer drinking or is no longer present, the effects of his or her actions can linger indefinitely unless help is obtained. Alateen can provide this help to young people so that they can work through the issues they face as a result of alcoholism within their lives.

The Importance of Support Groups

If your child or teen has been exposed to one or more alcoholics as a constant in his or her life, the emotional and psychological destruction that he or she might have experienced can have lasting effects if not appropriately cared for. While professional therapy services are excellent resources for young individuals facing these issues, Alateen can be just as effective.

During formative times such as pre-teen and teenage years, your child can experience a whirlwind of emotions – even more so if he or she is exposed to alcoholism. Alateen can be tremendously important in that it can foster support and encouragement from other teens, as well as offer your child the opportunity to not only share his or her personal experiences, but learn from those of others, too.

Meetings in Montana

If your child has been affected by someone else’s drinking (even if that drinking has stopped), it can be extremely beneficial for him or her to seek help through Alateen meetings. Fortunately, there are meetings all over the country, so no matter where you are, support for your child is available. To find a meeting in communities throughout Montana or in any other area of the country, please visit Find an Alateen Meeting Near You.

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