About Acadia Montana


Acadia Montana is a 92-bed Residential Treatment Center for young people ages 5-18, in need of assistance with co-occurring behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric disorders. Acadia Montana has individual Children’s and Adolescent’s Programs, and separate co-ed and boy’s unit residences. Residential rooms are generally semi-private with each patient being assigned a roommate.

Acadia Montana is located in Butte, Montana, one of the most colorful and historic towns in the New West. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Butte is in close proximity to the “Big Sky” ski resort, and Yellowstone National Park.

Acadia Montana’s residential treatment center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Both the residential center and the Altacare program are licensed by the State of Montana, Department of Health and Human Services.

Why Choose Residential Treatment at Acadia Montana?

Residential treatment is the best option when young people need more intensive and structured therapy than can be provided by outpatient treatment alone. Residential treatment is also a good alternative to inpatient hospitalization if the child or adolescent does not require acute medical or psychiatric stabilization.

Acadia Montana specializes in the behavioral health and well-being of young people. We take an inclusive and multi-dimensional approach to the wide variety of emotional and psychiatric disorders our patients are suffering from. Our residential treatment environment provides a “lab for living” that simulates the real life experiences young people encounter in school, creating relationships, developing positive recreational activities, and building trust.

At Acadia Montana patients receive intensive treatment services and are allowed to test the new and different coping and emotional management techniques they are learning in a safe and supportive atmosphere. We use positive reinforcement to create positive change. Our goal is to return our patients to their home and school communities equipped with the skills and abilities they need to lead healthy and more fulfilling lives.

In addition to individual, group, and family therapies; Acadia Montana offers Specialty services designed to meet the unique needs of our patient population. Specialty services can include Sons and Daughters of Tradition groups, Chemical Dependency education, and Grief and Loss for patients suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress or Abuse disorders.

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